Smart Drone Swarms :


Outdoor and indoor drone light shows !

Using revolutionary technology to provide full service for both Outdoor and Indoor drone shows !

Safe & Simple

Flying a single drone can be like child’s play but…
flying several drones together, all at once, can be extremely complex.

At DRONISOS, we have the know-how to handle that complexity. Our drones can fly in swarms seamlessly, basically on their own, and meet high-level security requirements.

On stage and on the job

Autonomous drone swarms can be used for either artistic performances or industrial feats.

Just imagine: flying overhead in swarms, our drones in your shows will dazzle audiences even more!
In automated flight, our drones will save your inspection jobs time, money and possibly lives!

Our drones have the ability to quickly access those difficult areas, eliminating human risk, especially when inspecting dangerous or unstable areas.

Drones for show

Show producers, theme parks, event agencies….

Our Clients & Partners