Boosting drones to serve mankind

“Drones overall will be more impactful than I think people realize, in positive ways to help society” – Bill Gates.


About Our Team & Facilities



Our team is a mosaic of experts: 3D, electronic and mechanical engineers, project leaders, software developers, technical show managers, and marketing experts.


We work in a cohesive unit from our Bordeaux area locations including offices, airfields, and workshop space. We at Dronisos believe in hard work, perseverance, and boosting drones to serve mankind. Contact us to find out more!

They talk about us

We’re in the news! Featured multiple times on TV … hear the inside scoop and learn the inner workings of Dronisos. We are proud others have taken notice of our growing work and hope you will too!

La Tribune

“Successful world premiere! 
The Bordeaux company, DRONISOS, took part in the technological prowess last week during the Viva Technology tradeshow, where drones located at the Longchamp racecourse were flown remotely from Paris.”

La Croix

“Their first major feat was achieved in 2016 when they choreographed and set up a drone performance with dancers for the British TV show Britain’s Got Talent and then for the French equivalent.”

Sud Ouest

“This company from Bordeaux is not even a year old, yet they’ve already generated a million euros in turnover! Their drone shows are making a splash all over the world and have also conquered Futuroscope, the popular amusement park in Poitiers. Read more”

Le Télégramme

A unique show in France!
The outcome of long technical and artistic research! Read more

Presse Release