New Era of indoor & outdoor shows

Seeking to provide the best in entertainment we utilize our autonomous drone software to create awe-inspiring shows bringing artists and drones together whether under the stars or under your roof!

Technology meets Arts

Flying a single drone can be like child’s play but…
flying several drones together, all at once, can be extremely complex.

At DRONISOS, we have the know-how to handle that complexity. Our drones can fly in swarms seamlessly, basically on their own, and meet high-level security requirements.

Human-Machine Interaction at its best

Audiences love interaction especially interaction between humans and machines. Thanks to its high level of precision and safety, DRONISOS delivers impressive shows combining artists, whether dancers, actors or magicians to perform with the drones.


With over 500 drone shows already performed worldwide (US, UK, France, China, Kuwait, Malaysia, etc.), DRONISOS is the only global player capable of performing indoor and outdoor shows alike.

Outdoor arenas in front of 90,000 spectators, or smaller venues with 50 drones we have the means to coordinate the right show for you!

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