Developing advanced softwares to push the boundaries of possibility within the realm of drones.


Innovative Know-How With Vision



No need to reinvent the hardware: Using mass-market drones as a springboard, DRONISOS upgrades the drone to fit the commercial need.

For example Oscar, your work companion was born out of a joint initiative between Altametris and Dronisos :

Customers want a service not a product: we design and sell our shows or inspection missions as a service to which B2B customers subscribe.




3D Simulation & Control Center



  DRONISOS teams have developed technological tools that make automated drone swarms possible including :


 – A powerful 3D-motor, customized to simulate and generate collision-free trajectories

 – An in-house Drone Control Center  to monitor flights and manage the whole drone fleet in the field 

– An Augmented Reality Viewer to visualize drones’ mouvement in context




Proven Computing Reliabilty



DRONISOS is the only company in France with a DGAC-issued flight authorization for drone swarms featuring 200 UAVs, controlled by a single pilot.


DRONISOS already performed in crowded stadium (Kuala Lumpur, Kuwait…), showing to the world its high level of reliability regarding people safety.



Dedicated Flight Facilities



 DRONISOS has its own 800-square-meter indoor flight facility with 15-meter high ceilings in Bordeaux. It includes office space for staff and developers, a workshop to store and work on drones, and a 200-square-meter secured demonstration area.

DRONISOS has also access to a private airfield for our outdoor tests just 30 km from Bordeaux.