Run drones as a service

Using drones to spearhead inspections can save time, money, and lives!



Need To Check Catenary Poles?



Our product will do it for you. With our semi-autonomous, short-range drones, you can easily get information from hard-to-reach places.

We run drones as a service to make your inspections easier and safer.





Need A Turnkey Solution?



Inspections are all about plug-and-play and integration. As part of our turnkey solutions, our inspection platform manages flight authorizations, live video broadcasting, data gathering and data processing.
And because everyone’s safety is one of our top priorities, precise flight instructions and geofences (predefined boundaries) are uploaded on each drone.




Need To Be Efficient & Fast?



Our drone swarm technology allows you to inspect an infrastructure much quicker than with a single drone. No need to worry about autonomy, just add a drone to the swarm to extend your inspection capacity.




DRISS: A Drone For Short-Range Inspections

Our partnership with SNCF led us to research and develop DRISS, a semi-autonomous drone designed for infrastructure inspections.
DRISS is run by a user-friendly interface that requires minimal training and drastically improves the safety of railway agents.